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About Us

Alford I-Enterprises is an E-Commerce company esablished in 2004. The managed internet retail websites range from medical supply to bath and body to gift & home decor to candle supply to travel and always expanding. Committed to high quality products at low prices and top of the line customer service, the Sole Proprietor, Tamikia Alford, is consistently invloved with the business on a daily basis ensuring standards.

About The Owner

Tamikia Alford, Sole ProprietorTamikia Alford holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, a Master of Science degree in Software Engineering, and has been programming since the age of 8. As you can see, computers and the Internet come quite easy to her. She considers these skills her personal gift as she believes everyone is born with one.

Tamikia likes to incorporate the things that she loves into everything she does. This includes her business. The death of her father in late 2004, due to a history of blood pressure problems, prompted the development of www.HealthyHeartHelp.com. Her avid love for all things that smell good and candles prompted the development of www.AllNaturalElements.com.

In addition to her strong technical background, Tamikia has worked in the Customer Service arena for over 10 years. To give you an idea of the kind of customer service, she has worked in restaurant, retail, help desk, and even AAA Emergency Road Service. She has had her share of happy and unhappy customers. This experience has given her the tools to set the standards of offering you the best customer service possible.

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