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You've seen the testimonial and you are thinking about or have already purchased.  You didn't want to pass up a good deal, but you are a little nervous.  Well "Ask Not, Want Not!"  Ask all you need to know right here in our Forum.  Tamikia Alford herself is answering your questions!

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Whether you have taken advantage of one of the opportunites we offer on this site or have a venture of your own, starting a home business can be a scary experience - and a costly one to boot!  If you have questions, ask away.  If we don't know, we will try our best to find out for you! Plus, get first hand advice from Tamikia!

Hi, I have one website up and running. I have had a total of 3 sales. My website is http://www.snowmencollectibles.com What is a good way to find snowmen collectors. My site is ranked in the search engines, but I know that doesn't bring very much traffic. What are some things you do to advertise?


  1. Tamikia Alford on April 2, 2008 at 5:22 PM said:

    Hi there! The Internet retail business can be a lot of work. since you have made sales, it sounds like you just need to bring in more traffic. A site that really helped me to become successful is http://www.onlinemerchantforum.com. If you are not already a member there, you should be (especially since it's FREE)! You can get site reviews and a plethora of marketing tips and advice for your 5.0 storebuilder. I also see that you are involved in link trading. this is a long and tedious process, but it works! You have to trade hundreds maybe even thousands of links for this to constantly drive traffic to your site. I use a tool called Zeus. I also use a free version of Links Manager. I do use some Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing to drive traffic, but i don't reccomend this if you don't have money to burn or if you don't know where to start. There is a method to the madness of PPC and you can lose a lot of money (and quickly) if you aren't careful. One of my favorites is Google Base ( BKA Froogle). This is a comparison shopping site and is FREE to post your products. You should get comfortable with spreadsheet software like Excel and exporting your products.

    Another form of marketing are articles. you could write articles about snowmen or something related and put your links in it. There are websites available where you can post the articles for others to use on their website. The catch is, they have to post your article as-is (which includes the links you put in back to your site). When they post the articles, you get free one-way links back to your site from these, and traffic that you don't have to work to get. Other methods, free and paid, are available at http://www.onlinemerchantforum.com. You don't have to sign up to look around that forum.

    The other thing that's important is that you have a seasonal product. The bulk of your target market will probably only be looking for snowmen between July and January. Sales and traffic will always take a dive during non-season periods. so hopefully you've purchased at least one more site so that you can use that for another kind of product that is hot during your off season fro this one!

    Hope this helps!

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