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  • Signing in for the 1st time
  • Introduction to the Store Builder & initial store setup
  • Using the reverse search tool
  • If you have not yet found a supplier, watch Lesson 2. Otherwise, you may skip to Lesson 3.
  • Once you have your product line, use the Reverse Search Tool to find at least 100 keyword phrases. Search on the product type, brand name, item name, and anything else that you would use to find that product on the web ( i.e. what it is/what it does).
  • Choose a design template and color scheme for your site. If you want a certain feeling for your visitors/customers, this will take you longer than you think.
  • Choose 3-5 keyword phrases that best represent your entire site for optimizing your Home Page.
  • Draft your Home Page copy (what it says/what it looks like). using the keyword phrases that you picked out as much as possible while still sounding conversational. It's OK if it sounds repetitive because you are re-using these phrases over an over for the search engines. Most of your visitors won't bother to read much text on your Home Page. You don't want to just list the phrases over an over as this is called Keyword Stuffing and will get you band from the search engines. In your draft, include pictures, titles headers, headlines, side columns, and footers. Find places in your text copy to use bolded text and think of words and phrases that you would use to link to other pages in your site.

This lesson is based on the knowledge and experience of it's creator. There are many ways to market your website. The views and opinions of this lesson represent only one strategy. It is more important for you to gather other resources and develop the strategy that works best for you. Don't forget to leave your feedback!

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