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  • Using Integrated Warehouses
  • Dropshipping vs. "Blind" Dropshipping
  • Ways to find a supplier
  • Questions to ask a potential supplier
  • Find a supplier, securing the initial product line for your store.
  • If you haven't yet found a supplier, you cannot finish the homework from Lesson 1. You need your product line secured in order to decide on your design template and find good keywords in the reverse search engine.
  • You may find that your products fit into specific categories. Be sure to search for keywords pertaining to the categories.

This lesson is based on the knowledge and experience of it's creator. There are many ways to market your website. The views and opinions of this lesson represent only one strategy. It is more important for you to gather other resources and develop the strategy that works best for you. Don't forget to leave your feedback!

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I like all of this you have put together, I'm new to seeing all this but I do know you have things together. Written by Deloris Johnson on Thu 10 Feb 2011 10:16:27 PM GMT
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